Friday, September 19, 2008

I don't post enough here, so here's what I'm up to...

What I'm doing these days:

Storyboarding a game at a game studio.
Art for two home-made independent game project.
Learning to Crochet, Making a stuffed mouse.
Playing Final Fantasy 4 on DS-Recommended.
Playing Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn with my wife-Recommended (One flaw in this game-Fights have too many units, therefore taking up to 2-3 hours for one battle).
Downloaded two games on Wii from Shop Channel...Battle Load Runner-Recommended. Potpourri-Not Recommended.

(I downloaded Battle Load Runner last Saturday when I had 4 friends over to play games. I have a tip: If you ever play a 5-player Virtual Console game, here's how you set it up--You have to access the game from the main Wii menu, and as you click on the game, hold the R button down on one of your gamecube controllers. Then you can select the order of how the game recognizes each wii remote and gamecube controller in a tacky-looking black menu screen...It took me 20 minutes to figure that out with all my friends waiting around, so go try it so you know what to do when you need to. Bomberman '93 is another great 5-player virtual console game.)

Things I want to do but still haven't found time for lately:

Play more Lord of the Rings with Thallian (sorry about that).
Draw a Halloween comic.
Design and make a cool Halloween costume for this year.
Move on to Thallian and my Tactical RPG.

Here's a smile for everybody :)
Spread some cheer today, yourself! (That's my Motivational/Life Improving advice for the day)
And happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

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Thallian said...

Yarrr! nice post buddy