Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome

Well, Google chrome is out.. if you call being in beta "out". I tried it out. Do I recommend this html interpreting device? Nah. Not yet anyways. It feels and behaves like the stole the source code from safari and Firefox and put them in the blender. That's all. Why didn't they go into a joint operation with Mozilla instead and put their features into Firefox? Cuz they want the Google branding on the product, that's why, and they want to get people to use this with Google android and totally replace Microsith..... with yet another operating system, just a web based one. If its fast and all that then well, what do you guys think? Is this something to get worked up over? I still think Microsith is going to dominate the pc gaming industry. All these open source companies don't seem to give a rip about gaming. Even OpenGL has seemed to stall out in recent years. And gaming is the only really good use for a large personal pc at home. Everything else can be done with a tiny portable device.


Pete said...

Right there with you. In theory I like the idea that each tab is its own process so one bad page won't take down the whole browser, but beyond that I remain unconvinced. And I miss Firefox Plugins like Firebug and Web Developer.

So I'll stick to FF for now, and wearily check my sites to make sure they render properly in Chrome. :(

Thallian said...

Sounds like your in the same business as me.. front end web/flash development.