Monday, October 20, 2008

Retaking Weathertop

So Anton and I "retook" Weathertop on Friday night from some nasty Crabain. If you know much about Lotro you know I'm just joshing around with that sentence. Crabain are birds that normally inhabit weathertop and have nothing to do with the very difficult "retake weathertop" instance that I once duo'd with my brother as a monstrel and a guardian. It took half an hour to kill the super leet troll at the end. :P Anyways, Anton, Reiszor, and I "retook" weathertop our own way, and I shoulda takena screen shot cuz the view was great on my comp but it was a fun evening and it was nice that everyone got at least one level and stuff. We should be ready to do the Great Barrows with these chars soon.

Helping out Candaith the poor lonely ranger is also fun too. That guy needs to make some friends or something. Maybe he just needs to bathe more often.

I forced myself to play some more WAR scenarios this week. They are kinda getting to be like work. And I had fun doing some questing there and helping my bros with lower level pq's on their third alts, while I'm still on my first char. (there is a large disparity in our play time)

Lastly, I got about a half a level in Angmar with my hunter, Telanghara, doing the sword quests, the orc hunting ones, and some of my class quests part-way. The seven swords one is a great way to get a free level. Seven 4000 exp sword turn ins plus an extra 2000 at the begining for finding him and more at the end if you do the instance. (I recommend three or more people, the ghosts in there don't play around)

Anyways ten days till Halloween. What are you guys gonna be this year? I'm prolly gonna dress as something else politically incorrect, like one year I was a hick, and another a chinaman. :P


Chappo said...

Whats a monstrel? Is that a new class I haven't heard about :) Funnily enough I was lvl 50 before I finally got to retake weathertop while helping out some guildies. Wow, thinking back now I really miss those instance-like quests. Some things were truly great about LotRO..look, now I'm in a state :(

Thallian said...

hahahaha, yes its a new "hallow's end" class for Lotro ;)

arbitrary said...

I think the rangers in LotRO need to stop losing their bows and get out there and do some of these things themselves!

Pete said...

I really need to get back to LOTRO. I pre-ordered Moria already and my highest level is 31 or something.. doh!!

Thallian said...

@arbitrary, totally, my favorite instances were ones where I was playing with another group of npc's or a hero one. They keep the story flowing too instead of dead silence.

@pete Time for you to head to evendim and the trollshaws! (and GA, the second dungeon)