Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Ignorance of the Masses

Sometimes I come across blog or especially main stream media articles that just blow me away with how out of touch with current technology/production standards the world as a whole is. This one here from MTV today is a gem in just the title:

'Final Fantasy XIV' Character Editor Allows Skintone And Breast Adjustment

 Sheesh... every MMO that has launched since 2004 has featured this. City of Heroes, Lotro, Champions, yadda yadda yadda.

Another example of this is of course the article I was reading today from the Portland Oregononian about the new Avatar movie and how it will "change the world".

Honestly it surprises me that bloggers never tire of this "change the world" stance. Technology doesn't "explode" in leaps and bounds, it is very incremental, almost boringly so. All advances in technology that I can think of took tons of trial and error, tons of less efficient version, and even if a movie launches that is really technologically advanced, it won't "change Hollywood forever" because firstly such movies are expensive to make and secondly the talent to produce them is likewise produced incrementally and currently is rarer than a jackalope in Times Square. (which incidentally had an all out snowball fight at 1 a.m. last night) To finish off my post, don't expect MMO's to "explode" in leaps and bounds either, most of what we're going to see is almost invisible incremental upgrades to our current ones and small step improvements to new ones. Things are going to get better, yes but its going to go so slow you'd best be focused on just having fun with what you have and not on what's shiny and coming next.


Thallian said...

sorry for the weird font here, I dunno what happened when I pasted that link.

Anonymous said...

As I grow older, I grow ever dissatisfied with the mainstream media. Forgive me a tangent, but considering their utter incompetence in reporting on the economic crisis and political concerns, I wouldn't trust the mainstream media to be anything but a contrarian indicator.

Journalism is a dying creature. Good thing we still have the freedom to post on blogs and such. At least, for now.

Thallian said...

Oh yeah, they haven't been very forthcoming on the economic crisis at all, and they always report what they they that people want to hear, not what they need to hear. The question that wanders through my mind so often when I listen to them is "why aren't they more concerned about this or that plan?" "Have they thought of all the possible consequences" The answer too frequently is no. If the media doesn't perform its role of educating the masses because it itself is biased or uneducated, "who watches the watchers?" Nobody except the bloggers, who few listen to.

I once had a professor tell me that in order for you to remain free, you have to educate yourself from many different sources. You can't rely on just CNN or BBC or NYT or whatever. Because each one is biased you need to know all their points of view and then try to deduce the truth. I think he was right. And American Democracy is only sustainable if the masses continue to educate themselves. Otherwise the leadership can trick them and do whatever it wants. (see Dictatorship)