Thursday, December 10, 2009

Volume 2, Book 7 Leaves of Lothlorien Thoughts

I really enjoyed running through book 7 for the first time yesterday! Since I was sick I got more game time in than I usually do so I took the chance to get better at skirmishes and run book 7. I recommend doing the first part of book 7 as soon as possible to get into Lothlorien since it is easy exp just for talking to people. The last part where you head back into Moria you should definitely take the time to get to lvl 60 before trying though. It was a significant challenge at certain points. I even downed a Caerog but that wasn't the hardest part for my minnie. My minnie hates it when getting beat on by three mobs, and there were certain places I had to use fear to delay the mobs and feign death and use fellowships heart and the works. Can't say it was a cake walk after all that.

Crawling through the creepy overgrown dungeon with all the unusual plants and then deeper all the corruption was really fun, and I also liked the part after where you explore a secret passage with a crazy powerful dwarf, though I don't understand why sometimes he wants to help you and others he just kicks back. He seems rather inconsistent. The plot part at the end was neat though and I'm gonna finish the rest this weekend. And yes, the loot is good, better than the earlier books armor wise anyways.

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