Thursday, December 10, 2009

On the Internet, Nothing is secret.

Blizzard Hiring For Next-Gen Fantasy/Sci-Fi MMO
Someone apparently leaked that Blizzard's next MMO will be fantasy mixed with sci fi and a new IP. The only question remaining, is this really news? The Blizzard devs have been saying for years that they aren't going to remake WoW 2 or retread old territory so what does that leave them with? A Spacey MMO. Time will tell. Hopefully they do a good job. (Though they haven't failed at that yet, except with Starcraft Ghost which never launched)


Jayedub said...

Please oh please not a Starcraft MMO.

Thallian said...

Key word there is "new" IP ;). So not a Starcraft MMO. Most people are assuming that means new lore and definitely not in the Starcraft world. However, Starcraft IS set in a rather bleak future and there seems to be a trend (except with Star Wars) to project rather bleak future circumstances for mankind.

Jayedub said...

Good point, I was looking past the new part and only seeing sci-fi. But I know myself, I will probably play it anyways.