Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Where Stargate Worlds is at, and my hopes for Star Trek Online

This link leads to an article that basically says that the Stargate Shooter is being developed and pushed out to help fund the Star Gate MMO. If you are desperately wanting the MMO to come out eventually, do them a favor and buy their shooter game. I'm not that desperate myself, nor that affluent,  so I will probably pass. (I have no idea how awesome the shooter in question is, as it has not released yet)

On a different note, Syp made some interesting comments about Star Trek Online. He's rather unsure if its going to feel enough like Star Trek at launch. Keep in mind before you read this that Syp hasn't played it in any form yet so everything he's thinking is conjecture based on marketing (which is usually not a reliable source of most kinds of information) Buuuut he may have a point about certain things, especially considering that most gamers just want to fight fight fight rather than talk talk talk, I find it unlikely that Star Trek Online will be featuring a lot of diplomacy, puzzles, and other things, outside its main plot arcs hand crafted by the developers. If there are enough of those plot arcs though, (I have no idea how many there are) I personally will never run out of them, that's for sure. I don't play enough to do that. (I'm still on book 13 of lotro, volume 1, and several parts of volume 2. for example)

Vanguard had diplomacy based on an interesting card game. Bioware looks to be going with well crafted pre-determined choices of what you get to say to NPC's for Star Wars the Old Republic Online. I am gonna bet that Star Trek goes in that direction mostly. That means that its a multiple choice quiz of "can you guess which one's the best answer?" This doesn't really make me feel like I AM that person, It more makes me feel like I am in a King's Quest game where the slightest wrong move results in death.

I'd like a sandman character as Tesh describes in his recent article. But since that isn't clearly implemented in any non single player MMO I know of I can't really expect it here where its obvious they have spent a bundle on graphics, physics(maybe), space battles, ground missions, and have even added a bridge to help us feel happier (and believe me everything added makes me more confident that it can succeed)

I am wondering if maybe we expect too much "finishedness" from games at launch. I haven't played an MMO at launch that felt finished, so I don't really expect it. Let them add more Klingon pvp stuff later, that's fine. I'm glad there are "neutral zones" and fringe areas of pvp death. There should be a freaking Klingon empire and Klingon side of the equation but its ok. I say try to think of it this way. A pve game with little to no pvp is still something you can play and its more Star Trek Online than you had before. It may not be perfect (and nothing made by man ever is) but something is better than nothing. Let them polish certain things more later, and so on, and add more puzzles and plot lines. I can live with that. I have to say I'm optimistic for the game as a whole, but maybe I will wait at launch for the first few "reporters" of good or bad news.\

*Update:  I just found a neat article describing a Star Trek online mission here: Sounds pretty neat! :)


Keen said...

I'm a stargate fan. I'll probably get the shooter if it looks decent. I think it definitely marks the end of the MMO though. At this point we can almost be certain that it would release before being ready.

Thallian said...

I look forward to the review. I agree that, unless they somehow get a major windfall from the shooter (which is possible but not probable) it will be difficult for them to give it a lot of added polish instead of either canceling it or pushing it out. It seems to be a trend in this very expensive MMO industry though since people want to paid salaries and publishers control everything. (except for a few rock star studios like Blizzard and Valve)

However there are some variables to consider here, namely, how far along were they before they ran out of money? Are they almost done? Do you know? I know I don't. They might just need another year and a good shooter release would give them that easily I think.