Monday, February 22, 2010

Allods is Very Fun

I read mbp's post about Allods and decided to download it Saturday night. I played about 3-4 hours last night, I must have been hooked.

This game is the best-looking MMO I've played. I would say slightly better looking than WoW. I made 7 characters, finally picked which one to try out, and played through the opening sequence as well as the whole main quest chain in the starter zone. I felt like the game was basically a complete copy of WoW, except that it looked better, and felt fresh and prettier. It also has some unique races and classes. I ran into no glitches, which I hear is an impressive start for an MMO. Supposedly you get to fly airships later, so I'm hoping to get that far eventually.

My play style consisted of following the main quest line, avoiding 10-rat side-quests, and grouping up with a friend as early as possible so I could enjoy some sociality. It made for a really fun time, and I managed to break free of the starting zone.

It's a 2.5 gigabyte download, and free (The game shop isn't even open yet, the game has only been out for a week, I think), so if you want to try something new, it's a good pick.


mbp said...

Delighted to hear you are enjoying the game Anton - it is very pretty and very polished. The furore about the cash shop is only an issue if you intend to get seriously into the game. I am guessing you are playing on US servers. I am on the Euro server myself.

What class are you playing? I am playing an Empire Summoner character (seems to be one of the most popular roles).

Anton said...

Oh, I would be in the first-listed of the two American servers. I can't remember what it's called.

I am playing a healer, but I still don't have any heal spells at level 5, although I could have gotten one, I just clicked the wrong talent. I'll have it at level 6.

That struck me a bit odd that a cleric wouldn't start the game with any healing abilities. I feel like a mage right now, just casting smitings and holy flames on everything. My cleric is a human girl named Alida.

Anton said...

Oh, and I'm playing on the other side, the League. Although I'm not so far into the game that I couldn't start over on Empire (but they look like the bad guys, so I dunno...haha)

Chappo said...

I'm playing on a US server as well. If your on the Tensess server then I guess we'll meet in PvP sometime because I'm rolling an Orc Brute. :P

Anton said...

Orcses? Oh mai!

I think I am on Tensess, now that you mention it. I'm only level 5 though, I'm still not totally sure I'll ever reach PvP, but if the game keeps proving as fun as the start, then I well could someday.