Wednesday, February 17, 2010

GA is hard now

I read that there was Garth Agarwen was revamped into two three man dungeons and one 6 man dungeon, so the itch to re-explore it got me gong in with my wife and sister-in-law (hipag in tagalog) Only we got our clocks cleaned by the elites who were in exceptionally plentiful numbers, worse than before, and couldn't get near the dungeon. Be forewarned. If you want to run these dungeons bring six people and then break it into two groups if you have to. Sheesh. Anyways we had fun because now the Agamaur area is actually quite challenging, as well as the end of book 2 instance is slightly more difficult as a group due to the trees being beefier. (we still 4 manned it though) I recommend lvl 32 tank for GA though now, Orion went and tweaked all the levels up of things, and you'll have an easier time if the whole group is lvl 32. Good luck fellow adventurers!


Anton said...

Sounds fun, Thallian! Can I come next time? Wait a minute...What level am I again???

Thallian said...

yeah I'll bring you with my sister who needs to catch up some too.