Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How nerds like us can sound cool.

Yesterday, the first person I talked to at work asked what I thought of the football game.
"I didn't see it."
"There was an amazing interception at the end, totally changed the game, it was intense!"

So the next person I talked to at work, I said "Did you see the game? There was an amazing interception at the end, totally changed the game, it was intense!"

Repeat that with about five other people...Now you're cool.


brenda said...

The IT Crowd had an episode where the nerds at Drummond Corp discovered a website which would give you snippets like this to use in conversations about soccer so you wouldn't seem clueless. And that, as usual, led to big, big trouble....

Cap'n John said...

It wasn't just the interception.

It was the Saints being down 10 & 0, pushing back but having to resort to a Field Goal, failing to capitalize on a 4th & Goal from 1 yard out, then fighting back only to have to resort to a second Field Goal.

It was an Onside Kick at the start of the second half with the Saints gaining possession, scoring, and getting up 13-10.

It was the Colts replying with a TD of their own to go back up 17-13, and the Saints kicking a third FG to be just 1 point down.

It was the Saints making a TD, then attempting a pass for the rare & dangerous 2-point conversion, which required the Umpires to review the video tape before awarding it and putting the Saints 7 points up.

And yes, there was the 4th Quarter Interception & Touchdown which was both fantastic and the nail in the Colt's coffin.

This was not your typical one-sided blow-out match with one team thoroughly dominating the other. This was a Superbowl game actually worth watching, and not just for the Megan Fox in the bath commercial ;)

Anton said...

Thanks, Cap'n! Now I can REALLY sound cool!

Jaxom92 said...

LOL I'm definitely a nerd, but I had a blast watching the Superbowl as well. Does that make me a traitor to my nerd side?