Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's pronounced Jibberlings!

I played more Allods last night, and found I was actually having just as much fun submitting bug reports as I was playing the game.

I found some conversations with NPC's that contained html tags.

I discovered the human female character's run animation causes her to sink into the ground, almost to her knees.

I reported a strange time-based glitch with quest reviews in the quest log where some buttons that shouldn't be there were appearing after a short time of having the window open.

I also tried the male human character and discovered most of his emote action animations cause him to turn to face other directions than forward. And the voiceover for his emotes were still in Russian! I didn't report these things yet, though.

It turns out I made my characters on Nezeb server, but most people I talk to are on Tensess, so I made some characters there too.

EDIT: Screenshots! These were submitted with the bug reports.


mbp said...

You are being a good citizen in the true Beta sense by reporting bugs. I have to admit I never bother.

I kind of like the Russian voice-overs - It goes with the whole Russian street signs and the ambience of the game. Mind you I am playing Empire which has this whole steam punk theme going on. It might not be as appropriate in the fairytale setting of the League.

Sadly us Euro's only have one server at the moment so I cannot create an alt on the other side to check out League stuff.

Anton said...

Well, it figures...The running bug was reported at least a week ago. I wonder what's taking so long to get something so noticeable fixed?


Tesh said...

I run into game bugs all the time in released games, and think: "Give me fifteen minutes with your art assets and I'll fix that"... but then I remember that art bugs in the games I already work on aren't always so easily fixed thanks to bizarre interdependencies, exporter crashes, code goblins, office politics and publisher priorities.

Still, I have this itch to reach through the screen and snap some verts, shift some UVs or fix animations. It's the natural reflex of an animator/production artist, I guess.

Anton said...

Yeah, I know exactly what you're talking about.

Chances are, they HAVE fixed some of these things, but they are probably bundling it all into a new patch file to be downloaded together soon.