Friday, March 26, 2010

Everybody go see How To Train Your Dragon

This is the most adventurous, fun adventure I've seen in a CG film since The Incredibles. I'm usually not that big a fan of Dreamworks Animation, but I was excited about this film so I saw it tonight. I was not disappointed!


Jayedub said...

It does look really good.

Tesh said...

That looks... surprisingly good.

I did really like Kung Fu Panda. Dreamworks really is hit and miss for me; I liked Prince of Egypt but couldn't even get through Road to El Dorado... liked Shrek 2 but wasn't impressed with the original or third one... and Spirit was actually pretty good, at least technically. (Animating horses is hard!)

This might be one I have to check out. Thanks for the trailer!

Thallian said...

this one's on my menu now

Thallian said...

I went and saw this and it was phenomenal.