Monday, March 29, 2010

Who do you play with?

When you're looking for a game, WHO do you have in mind? Some games I buy so I can play them myself, but I often choose a game to play with my wife, or my son, or to play online with a coworker, or a buddy from high school...

When I got started playing Neverwinter Nights, something rather interesting happened. I convinced three friends to buy the game even got a second copy for my wife to play. None of them actually hung around, even though they all tried it out. But their participation was long enough for me to find a great server and make a dozen friends through the game itself.

NOW, I count each of these people I met online through the game as friends and I play with them regularly. Now, it's intriguing to me that I started out trying to play a game with people I know, and in due time, I ended up meeting new people to play with. The game itself only carried this process so far. All things considered, it was friends I wanted to play with in the start, and now again in the end.

How often do you actually buy games just to play yourself versus buying games to be enjoyed with others? And who do you have in mind to play them with most of the time?

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Tesh said...

I bought Guild Wars to play with my wife and gamer friend. (I only have one friend who games regularly... and that's most of what he does.) Those are also the two that I've played Puzzle Pirates most with, though I introduced them to it after playing it alone first.

Turns out that none of us have much time to play these pesky online games, but hey, when we do, it's fun.