Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Pics for the Blog

I forgot to post these. Also Anton and I have been doing book 2 and will finish it this week, and My little sisters have really really enjoyed skirmishes at lvl 30 and the newly revamped Garth Agarwen. Its much harder than before but we've beaten each thing except for Ivar. Anyone know how to open his door? Its shut tight. Anyways, enjoy!

An underground watery cavern

the infamous hall of mirrors

A creepy glowing thing that I'm supposed to smash in book 8, but didn't have he quest so I just screenshotted it at this point. And a Caerog who lives right around the corner.

The Beast... nobody knows what he is..

and lastly .. a glimpse of entering Lothlorien

And in other news, my wife is going to have a baby any time now. Its a boy and we're sooo excited. I spent all day today buying baby stuff which hopefully we won't have to do again if we have another one. Anyways. Cheers! -Thallian


Chappo said...

Beast shots there.
And grats on a little nublet of your own. :D
Thought of a name yet?

Jayedub said...

Awesome pics, and congrats on the baby!

Thallian said...

Seth Mikhael :D (My wife wanted to jazz up Michael a little)

Anton said...

Congratulations Thallian! I'm sure you'll always remember this!

Oh, and grats on the baby, too.