Friday, April 23, 2010

Wahoo!!! Indie Night.

I dropped into Indie Game Night at Wahoo Studios in Orem, UT last night to get a chance to share my Indie game with some of the local Indie game enthusiasts. I missed the presentation at the beginning because I was late, and I didn't really get to play any other games except this one.

But sharing Siphon Spirit's new features was very satisfying, actually. My friend who is programming it has done a lot of work-

(I don't expect you to know what all this means, but it's still an impressive list of new features)
Save/Load Screen
New Cluster Type-Enemy Turret
New Cluster Type-Regenerating Enemy
New Cluster Type-Free Energy
New Cluster Type-Free Energy Emitter
New Cluster Type-Turret
New Cluster Type-Turret
Spellcast Effect
Cutscene functionality
Art oscillation
Cluster oscillation
Cluster Proximity Highlight effect
Multiple Language Support framework
In-level art display/text display/sound play

I also showed 17 new pieces of finished art, and I have a lot more in the works.

Very positive feedback from everyone there, and nobody mentioned how many months longer it's taking to develop our game than we'd originally said.


Tesh said...

Blast it! I looked for Syphon Spirit, but didn't see it. I must have left too soon. :(

That said, the presentation wasn't all that spectacular, so I'd say that you got to see the best part of the evening; the other games. The presentation was a recap of the Global Game Jam, with a few different teams offering some insight into their processes. It wasn't bad, just nothing that you'd not get out of reading a few blogs on the thing.

Anton said...

You were there and we totally missed each other! Gah!

Well, I was upstairs on the far North end.

Also it took me some time to get a laptop up and running, so if you came by right after the presentation ended, you wouldn't have seen us.