Monday, July 21, 2008

Info Byte: Book 14 live tomorrow

Book 14 goes live tomorrow. I'm gonna have to rerun all the dungeons just to see whats changed. Since I'm adventuring with Anton and some other friends I was gonna do that anyways so I'm just more excited to do it. Also the live event system goes live. Btw please keep giving ideas on the post below :) I am loving all the input and we will definitely use some of it, I can already say that.

p.s. I tried out dr.mario online and its.. well.. d.r. mario 4 player. That's about it. If that's worth ten bucks to you then so be it. Toki Tori is antoher game I tried and its very interesting if you like puzzles and are patient. I'd say it was mroe fresh and new than dr. mario for me at least.


Oakstout said...

All I can say is Thank God for DR Mario for the Wii. My wife use to love it on our old NES system till we sold it. Its the only reason i was able to get the wii lol.

She can play the single player mode for hours.

Openedge1 said...

I have returned to LOTRO for every book...but, this time I will not.

I have tried to give the game a chance, and have been disappointed each time. I think I would be better off waiting for MoM instead.
I have too many issues with the UI, and the overall questing method, that I got bored easily each time.

My hopes are a more visceral exploration feel in MoM, fixed UI, and updated character visuals. I see one of my issues was fixed in Book 14 (the animations...wonder if that is for all classes or just Minstrel and is running animations changed?)...but, I am not ready to be disappointed again.

I have a friend who went back for 6 months, and hopefully he can let me know if things are working better. And as well, I rely on sites like yours and others who still play to let me know it has improved.
So, any reports of what you like or dislike will help


Thallian said...

lol nice Oakey, nice, way to work the system ;)

@openedge I am way excited cuz my girlfriend agreed to play with me and Anton tonight and another married couple so that should be fun. I could never play this game alone for very long it was depressing. Whereas I could play WoW alone for a long time, tho not forever. Eventually I reach a point with each MMO where friends are the only reason I play, the camaraderie I enjoy with them. Make sure you bring friends the next time you make a foray into middle earth and especially into Moria. From all I hear its going to be tough and intense.