Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thanks 4 all the input! Keep it comin!

Thanks for all the input people :) All suggestions will be considered.

So far it seems people favor choices, no surprise there, but not too many. (4-6 chars is winning so far)
There was a strong preference for a-typical fantasy so we can aim for that and 5 simple skills seemed to be a popular option.

I was thinking of putting in some move timing button pushing to enhance abilities alla super mario RPG/Paper Mario but time will tell what crazy combo move scheme I cook up. Anyways I made the terrain look nicer so I'll plop a pic of it here but still need to do lots of work (Obviously) Anton needs to get me a underwater side texture and another one and I like to guilt him into doing things so heres the pic. :) (jk Anton plz don't kill me)

I particularly liked the gameplay suggestions. We may put in soem steampunk elements and stuff, also the "agro" idea is facinating as I have never seen a non-mmo do this well. hmm.

Btw click on the picture to see it bigger.


Crimson Starfire said...

Looking forward to the beta, just don't make me sign an NDA =P

Anton said...

/me kills Thallian


The textures aren't hard to make, it's just I'm doing a lot at work right now, and even doing extra work at home. There will be a little slow up in my participation for the next month or two.