Monday, July 7, 2008

Where we're at

Just a quick couple of totally unimpressive pics to show how I'm reading in blocks from a file that looks like this: GGWSSG...blah blah blah 2 3 4 2 1
It reads in which terrain type to use and then what height to make it. I am going to reduce the blocks to half size so we can make more believable gradients and also make water tiles not have dirt on the sides. Last I'm gonna add some more tile types like rounded and different texture types like floor tile and stone and lava and carpet and stuff. Oh and I need to get rid of the borders maybe in the underground ones though I kinda like the borders cuz they show you tactically where everything is. Maybe as a polishing feature I'll make them toggleable.


Chappo said...

unimpressive they may be they still portray how hard making your own game is...and you seem to be on top of things. What program are you using to make all the textures?

Anton said...

I painted the textures using a low-end wacom tablet and Photoshop Elements.