Thursday, November 6, 2008

Death Knight Dilemma

Lich King's coming out next week!

I'm worried about Death Knights. They're going to invade the game. Besides being new, they will start at level 55. I don't really want to play a Death Knight, but if I'm going to play an alt, I'd much rather start at level 55 than level 1.

So here's my proposal...I'd like for Blizzard to make it so that ANY new character is given the option of starting at level 55 (as long as you already have a level 70 character). That way, the world won't be flooded with this new class running around everywhere, and leveling up other alts won't be such a repetitive process.

What do you guys think?

(Maybe if this idea gets spread all over the blogosphere and Blizzard's forums, it might reach Blizzard's ears, so if you like it, spread it)


Oakstout said...

If your going to have a class start at 55, then I say all of them should have that option.

Problem is, will people know how to play a Death Knight successful at 55? I mean the point to starting at level 1, is so you can understand how to play the character and be good at working with other team members in a group. If you short cut that, won't it hurt groups when you invite a unskilled Death Knight into your Instance run?

Anton said...

They call the Death Knight "The first Hero Class."

The way it works is: Once you have already leveled at least one character to 70, you unlock the option to create a Death Knight. The Death Knight has its own starting zone which is designed for level 55 Death Knights and you learn your skills as you go there.

So all players playing Death Knights will be experienced players, because you have to have a level 70 to make a Death Knight.

You'll also have a special area designed for Death Knights where you do special quests for Death Knights and learn the Death Knight skills there.

So your concerns shouldn't really be an issue as far as players who don't have experience or learning your skills as you go (You'll still have 15 levels to learn your skills up to 70, and you should already have a good idea how to play the game since you've already leveled to 70 at least once before).

My main issue is just how long it takes to level an alt, and how making Death Knights the only one that starts at 55, they're going to be ridiculously overused.

Thallian said...

I think they will LTPlay (tm) sufficiently fast. Heck, Lotro gave us Laerdan in book 14 and said, solo w. this this dude, he has all new abilities, have fun!

Monster Players in Lotro and PVP-Only players in Guild Wars start at max level n' figure things out from there.

Really the leveling system is overrated at teaching monkeys to hit the right keys on keyboards. As long as you bother top read what your moves do you don't need to do the grind anymore.

And you still have 25 levels of content from lvl 55 once Lich King comes out so I think this is even less of a problem and more of a great idea.

Anton said...

Not sure what you mean by LTPlay, but I agree with what you're saying...leveling is overrated. I tried playing someone else's character once in LOTRO that was 30 levels higher than me and within an hour or two I was playing just fine, given more opportunities I could master it. Leveling isn't the only way to learn how to play a character, and avoiding the grind for Death Knights is a blessing. So back to my proposal...Why not allow starting at 55 for other classes?