Monday, November 3, 2008

Some short thoughts on Angry Anonymousity

So cnn wrote an article about how people are lashing out from behind a cloak of anonymity. This is not a new or amazing topic so I'm not gonna belabor the point. I'm just gonna say that there's a good reason I do not allow anonymous posts on my blog, cuz I don't want to encourage people who think that they can say mean and hurtful things to vent or to use expletives because they believe it strengthens their position*. Or that believe that anger == strength. It takes a lot more strength to control your anger, than to just give in to it. This country and world have too many people who are slaves to their passions already. Bridle your passions and use the freedom and reason which make us men/women instead of animals.**

*(Note to anyone who will listen: it not only doesn't strengthen your position, it shows weakness of character.)

**This goes for in game too, You will have more fun and deep satisfaction helping others grow and overcoming enemies than you will being angry and selfish. PVP+PVE with heart, not with rancor or greed.


Anton said...

Speaking of anonymity, Thallian...Isn't that what you and I have been doing on this blog for the last few months? Posting with fictitious names? I have other blogs where I use my real name all the time, but I went with a phoney name because I wanted to have a cool name like you.

Thallian said...

Yes, yes it is. It's called a pen-name and its used to aid in protecting the identity of the write, though if you really researched you could easily figure out my name. Fortunately its a really common name and so nobody is gonna figure out which one I am on facebook. (or in the white pages) lol.

Anyways, my point wasn't that anonymity itself is bad, my point was that doing bad things just because you can get away with them by being anonymous is still bad and its cowardly too.

Anton said...

Yes, very true, it's fun! Plus, did I mention we get to have cool names online?