Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dexter says it all..

This comment by Dexter Tiberius here
pretty much sums up my feelings about things. I like how he compares PvP(RVR) in Warhammer to chocolate. I like it, I even love it sometimes, but I can't stand it for very long as it quickly raises my insulin levels so I have to just have a little every now and then.

Dexter Tiberius: 2:20 PM

Bought Lotro at launch, felt a distinct lack of pvp, left it for warhammer when it came out. After a month of warhammer, i realised (for me at least) pvp was like really nice chocolate, nice to have once in a while, but you get tired of it really fast. Especially when everyone's in a scenario and too busy to chat, makes the game seem really empty =/. I did have some really good times in warhammer, but with the current state of the servers, and really empty public quests( xp in scenarios are too good, plus since you get xp AND renown for renown gear, no one does PQs very often =( I decided to try MoM. So far i'm liking the new classes XD hopefully will reach 50 by the end of december so i can enter moria.

-thanks Dexter

I know return you to your regularly scheduled monster slaughtering and 2GB downloads.


Anton said...

I don't know what it is about pvp that makes it hard to play for very long...In WoW the pvp seems very repetitive compared to the questing, since the pvp took you to 5 battlegrounds or any of a few arenas and you pretty much would go round after round of chaotic battles where nothing made much sense.
But I haven't tried Warhammer and I understand there's a lot more to it. PvE has stories, it has unique bosses every time, it has new areas to explore constantly...The only way to get the same longevity out of PvP for someone like me would be to incorporate those same elements. I think in a guild that might be possible, as long as your guild gives itself some kind of short and long-term objectives. But replaying the same scenarios over and over wouldn't do it for me.

Jayedub said...

In WAR, I try to only run three, maybe four scenarios an hour if that while questing, helps to avoid burnout.

The ability to run scenarios from any where is a great feature of WAR.