Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Anton's Weekly Sketch

I finally took the time to make Thallian and I some Display Pictures more suited for our blog. Here they are below, you'll be seeing these a lot from now on:



I'm also going to start posting some sketchbook art every week, normally I think I'll put it up on Friday, but you get it early this week.

Anton's Weekly Sketch

*Click image to see full size


Anton said...

Now I'm just testing to see if my new Display Picture shows up :)

Crimson Starfire said...


Wish I had leet drawing skillz.

The best I can do is a potato with eyes, except it looks more like a dog poo with flies :(

Thallian said...

I am sworn to guard Lord Anton in all his endeavors, and defend the realm and her majesty no matter how fat or skinny she really is!

Anton said...