Friday, December 19, 2008

Pictures!!! Pre-Moria Fun and Games

Click on the pictures to see bigger versions :)

Rumples rides into the night

Neat how they care so much about the little details in their decor huh?


DirectX10 + Thorin's Hall

Ice Cave with geysers

Rantost island in Evendim

Imlad Balcorth in Angmar

Telanghara glamour shot, I shoulda won that beauty contest darn it!

Riding into the unkowns of Eregion from Giant Valley near the Misty Mountains

The Black Pool... dum da dum! (+4 dread)

All right.. I'm going! I'm going, don't get your panties in a twist!

On second thought.. I just remembered something else I need to do...

Thallian at Weathertop

Thallian with Antonea (Anton's champ)

Scolding a naughty, naughty dwarf

Can't touch this! ... don't touch me!

c c c Can you say... c c c Cold

Marching into Shadow... with your friends!


Anonymous said...

LOTRO really is a beautiful-looking game. I remember stopping to gasp and stare back in beta, and those screeies of yours are spectacular. Sadly, the game play didn't hold me. :|

Anton said...

Are you sure we're playing the same Lord of the Rings Online?

(I need a new Graphics card and Vista, and...other stuff I don't understand about computers)

Chappo said...


Jayedub said...

Awesome screenshots. I am looking forward to getting into some LOTRO again soon!