Monday, December 15, 2008

Truly Unique Gear

Ok I'll have to wait till next post to get to the Skill discussion. Anyways, I had this idea a long time ago that if you really wanted to have unique gear, and fun crafting the two could go together. Why not.. design your own sword! I mean use various available 3D assets and build one. Like in Spore! Only with Swords and Armor and so on. Yes this would take development time. Yes it would set you apart from the competition, and yes it would be worth it!

Kind of like how City of Heroes and Chronicles of Spellborn let you decide how you'll look from the get go? Well not exactly, but sorta. You start with generic crap. The point of the game isnt to get the same raiding gear as everyone else though. The point is to find components (blades, pectoral pieces, etc..) that you can use to make unique special items that YOU made. You get to put your capsella/construx/lego set together and make them. And once you build them, your character gets proficiency at using them, or they gain levels of their own, or whatever. What do you think?

Now, I wish to clarify what I was saying my last post about gear based progression. I dont think we've yet seen any game with no levels and only gear progression. Wouldnt it be interesting?
I'd try it out at least. D&D is kinda this way, since its weak on levelling and high on exploring and finding new goodies. Still there are levels in there. Maybe we(the average joe) need levels of some kind, be they skill levels with the gear, or character levels in general. Hmmm

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Anton said...

one complaint I heard about Spore is that your character customization had nothing to do with the strength of the character. It's set up simply so that certain elements will make the character stronger, but putting the pieces together differently didn't change anything...In other words, changes to Spore creatures was primarily cosmetic.

I really like this idea for armor and weapons, though. There's certainly something to be said about making things look the way you want them to.

That said, changing things still might be more interesting if fiddling around and experimenting with them actually led you to develop them more in the future until you found better and better combinations and configurations.

Here's an interesting idea...maybe the build of your hero might alter the effectiveness of certain types of armor. So if you cosmetically built your hero a certain way, it would actually change what armor is stronger for your hero...So a helmet that works really really well for your friend, wouldn't necessarily be the best helmet for you. I'm not just talking about how high you've leveled your character using that type of item (although that should factor in, too) but also simulate what happens in real life with people...Some people are bigger, smaller, or different proportionally, so maybe getting a helmet that "fits" your character would be an interesting challenge.