Thursday, December 4, 2008

A better mega man 9 review

Here is a better Mega man 9 review than the one I gave. This guy makes me want to try it again.. and win this time!

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Anton said...

I've experienced pretty much everything this guy says...Some games actually do make me feel like I've made no progress even on a failure, but other times I've played a game where I had to do the same level over and over and over, but I actually did feel like I was "learning my way through the stage".

I've felt the heart-rate jump he talks about while playing WoW a couple times...Just two Saturdays ago a horde got me pvp'd by trying to kill a quest-giver that I was trying to turn a quest into, so I fought back and he ran off, but he later came back and kept trying to fight me, so I fought back again and I really didn't want to die, so I went into adrenaline mode and I could really feel my heart going during that fight...I totally killed him, and he was my level.

...That didn't stop his friend from popping in 2 minutes later and wiping me on his doorstep, though.