Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Games need to be Projects, not just vehicles for game companies

I just read an absolutely fantastic article here from Gamasutra entitled: Opinion-How Can We Reshape the Game Industry

Read it, love it, spread the word. Maybe somebody will try it. Maybe someday we will have unique games coming out instead of sequels and safe bets. Make sure you buy your unique games that do come out and vote for cool, unique and new with your dollars instead of supporting the tried and true (and tired) old franchises. If consumers refuse to change all we'll be playing in 10 years is Mario Kart, Tomb Raider, and Grand Theft Auto (or Auto Homicide 10 as I will affectionately call it) I dunno why people like to eat the same stuff all the time I think its like McDonald's founding principle though, if people know what they are going to get, they like that.

However in Hollywood, you can have creativity AND people can know they're gonna get something good, because they recognize director's and actor's names and they can read reviews and know. Therefore I say this IS doable and feasible. What say ye?


Anonymous said...

Oo great find, thank you! :)

Anton said...

I haven't read the link yet, but I will...But my first reaction to "Change the face of video games" is...

I don't think I'm worried! Developers will always push for creativity, publishers will always push profits. It's a business so that's how it has to work.

Besides...I think there are more creative titles coming out now than ever before. You just have to look through all the other stuff to find it.

Quite personally, I am still finding plenty of ways to keep myself entertained. Get back to me on the subject if I ever get bored. And when that happens I'll just say: So make a game yourself! You want it done your way? Do it! Nothing's stopping you! It's easier to develop a pc game now than ever before.