Thursday, February 12, 2009

Volume 2, Book 2, first half

Soo We enter the great delving, and I explore, and then I stop exploring it for about half a month cuz I'm helping people and I wanna level up so I don't get creamed. Now I'm lvl 52 and back I go (several months later) I start book 2 up again and its mostly running around, One part you are looking for some forgotten libraries, andother you look for a trace of Zigilburk, the Mithril Axe. Theres a lot of looking around to do. I like the North and South areas a lot. The Great Delving is ok but its very much... geographically confusing, the north and south areas are less so, more straightforward and still full of danger and excitement. I hated goblin town for example because its so many layers and so convoluted and of course, no real point to being in there through most of it, thers only a few quests. But Moria isnt like that, there are goat routes, and I found a stunning vista here and there, one being when you go north and find the gap in the mountain out where Gandalf fought the Balrog. There's a dead Balrog on the map and he's huge. (For that matter there's a dead Balrog in the game but the mobs in that zone are lvl 59- 60 sooo I didn't risk it. I like the buggy areas too they remind me of the bugs and their lairs in WoW. Anyways theres lots to see and lots of things trying to kill you for distrubing them so what are you waiting for? I'll post my review of the final chapter of Book 2 when I get there.

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