Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thallian's Favorites: Top ten Wii games to play with others

Here are (not necessarily my favorite single player ones) but my favorite multiplayer Wii games in order. (Disclosure: I do not own smash bros for Wii so its not on the list, it probably would be)

1. Mario Kart Wii -- Hands down the best Wii game so far for playing over the internet. (Well that I've played, haven't tried Medal of Honor or those games yet) All multiplayer games should have the same option at the very least. Nintendo is currently in the stage of enlightenment out of the dark ages of the Gamecube though and they still are draggin' their feet on online stuff.. anyways Mario Kart is awesome and this edition is not sub-par. Only Downside is that you cant go more than two player online though you can do 4 player offline.. and you are still restricted to one or two player for the grand prix mode.

2. Wario Ware -- this is multi player? You picked this for number two? Bear with me.. The true multiplayer mode is only accessible if you unlock it. That said this has been a great party game, especially the lifeline party mode and it is 5 player so it breaks the usual "4 players are the max because we said so" rule. Also the bomb and other modes add fun, and it has multi player dart throwing if you're really bored.

3. Smarty Pants -- I know, you're saying, what's that?! Never heard of it1!!1!! Well its a great game that's what, and its like trivial pursuit, only new and has fun fresh questions and some dancing around to boot. Try it with your fam, you'll love it. The girls will like it. Its a win-win situation. The picture is of a victory dance and your rating on it. :P

4. Raving Rabbids -- 1,2,3 etc.. they are pretty much all similar. If you have to pick one I'd say go for the second one, and if you just can't get enough get the first or third one. Short little mini games with lots of sick humor or silliness.

5. Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party (with the wii extra stuff turned off) -- yes if you turn off the wii stuff its better, and yes this is exactly the same as DDR on PS2 then, prolly, but its still fun. And my little sister loves to use it to exercise, and I like to use it for parties sometimes. 4 pads are a must. Fortunately the first one can use the old universal pads

6. Mario Strikers -- Also a sort of hit and miss game. The elastic AI is too fierce, but playing against other people is a blast and this game has online capabilities, which are tricky to get working, but do work. Again, Nintendo is afraid of the Internet so, they need therapy.. 4 player games like this are awesome.

7. Super Swing Golf 1+ 2 -- if you like golf, and I do, these are fun. The second one is more forgiving but the campaign mode isn't quite as fun. Still they did add polish so... I dunno which to recommend really. They both support 4 player turn based play though.

8. Wii play--tanks and shooting, provide endless minutes of fun. Seriously though there is a lot of fun in cow racing and such with someone else.

9. Naruto Clash of Ninja Wii -- its fun to smash buttons sometimes, this fulfils that urge, though if you really know what you're doing you'll prolly do better. I like some things about this but the little cut scenes get annoying, fortunately you can turn them off.

10. Excite Truck -- OK this one could easily be on top except that its only two player. Best car smashing and racing game to come out in a while. Stunts are fun and crushing enemy cars in high speed is great.

p.s. If you're thinking of getting Monkey Ball, get the gamecube one, the second one + first one, instead of the Wii one. and then use it in your wii. Its better, trust me. the Wii one sucks compared to those two.

Games I neeeed to try: Boom Blox (by Steven Spielberg) and Blast Works are supposed to be good. Doctor Mario for Wiiware IS good. There's also Geometry Wars, Smash bros, Rock Band, Guitar Hero (both of these to are expensive), and High School Musical, Boogie for you Karaoke fans. Lastly there's Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games which I only hear good things about from friends, and Mario Party 8. I own Mario Party 8 but its so boring I have yet to finish a single game of it. Oh and Trauma Center:New Blood has two player co-op and I liked the first trauma center until it got impossible unless you could perfectly do some stupid diagram all the time, so this might be good.

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