Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lotro Book 7 details revealed!

Here is the Lotro patch notes:

Let me sum up highlights in a nutshell and one disappointment.

Starting with the bad news, the 12 man raid is just one boss and therefore, im not interested, sorry turbine. And neither will most people be for very long. You had enough time to make another rift so this was a let down.

Now for the good news. They have REBUILT! I say, rebuilt the newbie experience in Ered Luin aaaaand they have polished the Shire and Bree Land as well! This is great news for all new players and old ones who would like to do it again with a rune-keeper or warden but cant stand to do the same old things again.

They are adding a new area, Lothlorien's golden wood and more east of Lothlorien. This is very good news and they are adding polish to Lorien to make it feel how it should, one of the coolest places on Middle Earth. Anyways, they are also rebalancing the exp curve and dps and mobs and changing in harm's way and a bunch of other significant changes to how the game works so, have fun reading the notes. Oh did I forget to mention they are giving all players a self resing ability (with a long cool down) though it will be disabled in pvp and in dungeons.

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