Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thallian's favorites starting with WAR

Seven Favorites: Warhammer Online (tm)
Since Syp challenged us to do it I figure its a good idea to be positive too
  1. Favorite Zone:Troll Country... fill an area with mindless bloodthirsty beasties who are soo stupid that they'll east or hit anything including each other, what's not to love?
  2. Favorite Race: Dwarf, both them and their machines are powered by alcoholic beverages, not to mention they are smelly, grumpy and short so they have more to prove.
  3. Favorite Class: Iron breaker, tough to kill, massive dps, why doesn't everyone play one or a archmage/runepriest?
  4. Favorite Feature:the ability to taunt in pvp and "guard" your friends. Also the pvp focus of the game is great too.
  5. Favorite Skill:Knockback. You can't heal a knockback, you can heal and negate almost everything else. PLus its fun to mess with people and be messed with instead of the usual humdrum combat. (See knockdown, magnet, lion pet, etc.) I like moving other players around against their will for a little bit, too much would be CC but a little is fine. I hate CC in pvp. Always a bad development idea.
  6. Favorite Scenario: Mourkain Temple, yes it does get a little old but there's enough here to do that it stays fun and usually its just a giant mosh in the middle with no boring breaks.
  7. Favorite Live Event:... Never successfully found one, but I hear they were great!

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