Friday, May 22, 2009

Chrome 2.0 is faster but I still wouldn't use it

In an attempt to overthrow Lord Anton's evil rule, I shall blog and blog and bloggenate him again until he begs for mercy! Perhaps I shall forgive those who have acquired ill gotten cookies from him... we shall see. Cookies ARE mighty tempting.

Chrome 2.0 is supposedly much faster than its IE and FF counterparts, but honestly, other than that it has auto-fill, a full-screen mode, and the ability to drag and drop windows to fit the screen equally. But who honestly cares about that stuff? Wouldn't it be nicer if Google just developed these things for Firefox and then IE copied them all in the next update? I'd certainly prefer that.


Chappo said...

He was going to torture my family! I had to take the cookie.

Oakstout said...

I am a fan of Firefox, well, until recently. Not sure why it's been acting up, but I don't think i want to try yet, another browser, especially one created by the evil empire of Google.

Anton said...

What's wrong with evil empires???