Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dar Narbugud (Say that ten times fast)

What we know... Dar Narbugud (a strange name no?) is a
  1. 6 boss raid instance alla the Rift and WoW launching with book 8.
  2. Book 8 launches in June, and is already live on the test server.
  3. One group has already cleared the dungeon on the test server.
  4. The final boss takes longer to kill than the Balrog.
  5. The dungeon has 30 gloom, and the bosses have the standard additional gloom.
  6. Because of this gloom you cannot enter unless you are geared like you were going to fight the watcher.
  7. Sooo if you thought (like me) that you could sit back and skip the annoying grind for radiance gear and still do the next raid, think again because that gear acts as your "attunement" for this instance.
  8. I hate attunement systems of this magnitude. Having to get a key is one thing, having to get a full gear set on 12 people before doing it is another.
  9. Maybe you like attunement systems and disagree with me. That's ok, but realize that most people don't have their radiance gear and probably a few (like myself) will not be getting it before the next paid expansion arrives and therefore will never see this raid. You however, depending on your dedication level, may in fact see it and it may be the uber-pimp shiznit of raids. At least it isnt like the grind for Naxx that WoW created the first time. Only 2 to 5% of the populace ever saw that raid in lvl 60 land so they recycled it later for everyone to enjoy as a 10 man instance for lvl (80's I believe), partly because it required hordes of time and hordes of cash. My thoughts are though that it takes at least 5 tries on each 6 man instance to get the radiance coins for yourself (Unless you are really lucky)
  10. Personally I think this is a bad decision on turbine's part but it does avoid one pitfall, that of invalidating their previous content. Everyone will have to run the 6 mans still until they get what they want.
  11. I am now waiting in free realms and the crafting quarter of Esteldin for Champions Online or something interesting. The expansion of Lotro might be interesting if it has mounted combat AND pvmp on mounts AND real siege weapons. (Not the sissy stupid ones in WAR(except for the cannon, I like the cannon, and the orcapult, which unfortunately is never used again anywhere but the newbie zone))


Anton said...

I think the problem with making players run the same dungeons again and again is that you lose the momentum of the story. If Lotro is attempting to make the story an important part of the game, you should be able to get by playing each dungeon one time, and additional runs would only make the latter ones a bit easier.

Thallian said...

I'm unsure what all the ramifications of this approach are, but I have to say I actually enjoyed running many dungeons in lotro and WoW more than once. In fact, I must have run Scholo and UBRS and Urugarth at least 10 times. However I do not relish doing exactly the same thing each time. Fortunately these dungeons offer lots of variety and each time the group was different and thought differently.

Still, story-wise things were the same. Lotro does this with book instances. Maybe they should give you the reward for running a dungeon via a quest the first time, and the second times for helping give you trinkets which in mass can be turned in for good stuff, like they do with the book chapters. I dunno