Monday, May 25, 2009

Flaming Flaming Deeps

So yeah, Saturday I ventured deep into the Flaming deeps and forges of Khazad Dum, once owned by king Durin the deathless and now overthrown by a horde of orcs which you have to, wait for it.. sneak past using spells and funny looking orcish clothing. However there is some skill involved as , if you get too close, they recognize you. The watchful sentries you have to have a minstrel to make less, well, watchful. And the costume mechanic is rather cute as you can send people ahead to distract and role play a little (not really but its better than nothing) You have to trick the orcs in the kitchen to leave cuz there's too many. And then you fight the cook with the remaining orcs. And he says fun stuff like "would you like that pan-seared?" As he whacks you with his pans.

The run upstairs cost us a few lives (fortunately I found those one-up mushrooms in the shadowed refuge) But eventually we figured it all out and killed the second boss without killing his friends (don't ask me how that happened). His buddies try and do fellowship maneuvers on you and its cute almost, except they are big ugly orcs.

The final boss in the dungeon, later is very.... annoying. You can only hurt him after getting him splashed with fire from his friend who you must tank near him when hes about to throw fire. Then you take the boss and run him over one of the traps in the room, after which he has a 30 second or less debuff during which you can hurt him. If the team knows what they are doing I bet its not too bad but we must of spent a half hour fighting him. We had three healers so its very possible it was half an hour. He has tons of loot, of which none was very interesting, including the coin for radiance gear.

I'm sure the new raid coming out soon will have gear that mudflates the radiance gear handily and makes everyone drool. We shall see of course but I'm saving my efforts for the raid just because I enjoy playing with large groups of people more. I would look forward to champions online instead but... its been delayed till Sept at least. Oh well :D

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