Thursday, May 28, 2009

I love to explore!

Last night I went on a rampage. We ran to the crossroads, then explored all the tunnels to the north and east with a kamizake npc dwarf, then some more when he chickened out, and then went out the "door to the sky" to ZirakZigil and down the slope to where Gandalf slew the Balrog.

I have to say the Balrog didnt look as cool post-mortem as he did pre-mortem in the instance I took a screenshot of him, but maybe I need to visit him on my nice comp instead of the laptop. Anyways we poked him a couple times to make sure he wasnt still twitching and then jumped off the side of the mountain to our imminent dooms. Unfortunately it doesnt let you keep tumbling forever, (That'd be sweet!) like the bottomless stair I found near the halls of stone, but it was still a fun way to get back. then we explored some more and found caverns and forests kept alive by light transported in through giant mirrors, and other crazy neat stuff. Those dwarves sure were inventive up at Turbine. I kinda wish Moria was, well, more of a maze, in a way, but I know how much most people hate mazes soo... yeah I can see why they only made some parts mazes.


Oakstout said...

When are you going to take back control of your blog?

Just wondering!

Thallian said...

as soon as I find out what "Lord" Anton did with the old header.. Actually we have a surprise in the works he tells me, but we'll see how long it takes him to make it.

Oakstout said...

I actual need to contract him to make me a dwarf for my site lol.

Anton said...

Who did you get to do your profile picture? It's pretty nice, I think. Where do you want to put a dwarf on your site?