Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney is buying Marvel, its official

Ain't no lie, Disney is buying Marvel. Does this mean that Marvel Universe MMO is going ftp? lol I wouldn't bet on it but anything is possible. In other news, Champions launches tomorrow! Maybe it will give me two full months of enjoyment like City of Heroes did, or not. I haven't yet purchased it, I've decided to wait a month and let them get their server issues worked out before I jump on. I want to encourage them to do that.

p.s. My bad, the Marvel MMO was canceled a while ago, its DC Universe Online that's still going, nevertheless, maybe Disney will turn that around, who knows?


Jayedub said...

I believe a new company did start working on the Marvel MMO again, don't remember the name though.

As far CO server issues, what is it exactly that you are having an issue with? There is only one shard but multiple instances like Guild Wars, and everything has been working pretty well so far.

Thallian said...

That's good to hear. I just assumed there would be server issues. There always are at launch. They are never ready for the true influx of players.

As far as a Marvel MMO, I'd love one, provided it was well done. More power to whoever manages to get one going! If you find out the details please lemme know. I searched online and it seems it was canceled but maybe you are right.

Jayedub said...

I stand corrected, Gazillion Entertainment bought the rights to do 10 Marvel games, one of them could be the Marvel MMO. But that might all change now.