Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What I think about recent events

Well, there's a number of things in MMO land that have happened recently that deserve some wise comment/snide remarks. First of all..

WoW: Has had info leaked about their next expansion and it sounds rather appealing. Revamping the game and only raising the level cap 5 more levels? Amazing! You mean we can get to the fun of the expansion even if we are new players and it wont be over after the first 20 levels? How do they come up with this stuff?

I personally think this was an obvious choice for them. Their game is getting old. They need new players and ones who aren't too stubborn to come back and try again and they need a nice juicy carrot to get them. The "Carrot" is redo old stuff so that everything that people were tired of is now new. Done. Send to presses. Personally I am on a WoW moratorium, but if they ever launched a lifetime sub option or something Free to Play I'd be more interested.

Aion+Final Fantasy: Lots of screen shots and movies show that these are gorgeous .... boring games. With effeminate men in weird poses no less. (Yawn)

Lotro: Book 8 is hard. Very hard. Some parts are well done. I hate radiance gating. I love the three man instances no matter how hard they are, and the new 6 man I haven't seen yet. I have yet to even finish book 4 or 5 let alone get to book 8 in the epic plot.

Champions: People are whining about cell shading. I loved Wind Waker and I love Cell Shading. Different art style yes, but can allow some very neat effects. Plus its the result of some neat math in 3D Graphics, I'll fill you in some time if you are interested. As far as checking it out goes, I think I will still get it the first month but if all reviews are awful it might sway me.

DDO: Can't wait for this to become free and play with Chappo and anyone else who's willing.

WAR: They need to add a third faction and fix their game, nuff said ;). I haven't played in a while though so maybe they have fixed enough bugs and just need to add a third faction.

CCP Dust game: Brilliant Idea. We need more interaction between MMOs

Atlantica Online: Tobold just keeps talking about this one. The fact that its actually got strategy intrigues me... almost enough to try it. My "try random new things" budget is limited though. Is it FTP?

Other than that? Its been a slow summer for me since I haven't been in any betas. I've actually found the beta experience to not be to my liking (for good or ill) I'd rather have a finished game. So I am just gonna wait for things to launch.


Chappo said...

Atlantica is free to play but even though I like strategy from what I have seen the fights seem to go for far too long and aren't in fact hugely strategic. Nevertheless, can't wait for DDO, if we get into a good guild then I reckon it could be the long term MMO for me!

Anton said...

I played Atlantica. I could see some strategic elements right off the bat, as you have 3 rows of positions you can place your units, and then you have to determine what order it's best to use your attacks that hit a front row, a side column, or strike a target in the back row with arrows, or just charge in and hit someone at the front. There are also spells that can change up where you can hit, but it's all about choosing your targets carefully and maximizing the number of targets you can hit with one turn.

We can try it sometime if you want, I still have it on my pc.