Friday, August 28, 2009

Where we're at with our game - 8/28/2009

We just had a pow wow about our game and we've decided to go to 2D art from a 45 degree angle like final fantasy tactics because that will be easier for Anton to do on the bus rides to and from work. I will put in the first character one week after he gives it to me. And my goal is finish movement with keyboard input across the squares (including topography) in two weeks. We made a spreadsheet and once Anton gets the dates written in there and the first 2D char we'll be acting more seriously on this soon.


Anton said...

Yes, a new direction is what we needed. A good re-evaluation, and we're going to pull back again to something more feasable.

Anonymous said...

All the best with your project guys!

I'm a big fan of turn-based games, favourites of mine are Final Fantasy Tactics, and Fallout (totaly different graphic styles and love them both).

I lurk around many blogs but I don't post much. I'm keeping an eye on your blog since I found a link on Keen's blog a while ago.

Keep it up!

Thallian said...

Awesome! Its always nice to know there's a new face watching our blog too. We'll try to keep you well updated as we get this thing put together ;)