Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If you can stand cute... (Little King's Story review)

If you can stand a cute game, and you liked Pikmin (even just a little) and you liked Harvest Moon (open ended marriage options? farming? etc..?) or you like being in charge of everything, .. well you ought to consider Little King's Story. I have now watched it played for several hours and its fairly easy to pick up and play.

The sense of humor is a lot better though than either Pikmin or Harvest Moon, the "princesses" you can marry are funnier, and the activities, challenges, and bosses are quite amusing. The first boss is a cow with a skull for a head that occasionally moos and then jumps and lands on its belly, udderly (couldn't resist) squishing your hapless, clueless little minions unless you pull them back fast enough into a "retreat!" that would do Sir Robin proud. The monsters and exploration are a little bit repetitive but fun, and surprisingly unique in some cases, especially for a newcomer like my dad, who I bought the game for. I highly recommend this game. And that's it for my short spiel.

(This is a game coming out of left field from a developer who is scarcely known, kind of like World of Goo, very high quality)


Pete said...

I love Harvest Moon games, and I like cute games. Wasn't even aware of this (well I was vaguely aware of it but thought it was a kid's game).

Thanks for mentioning it! Added to the list!

Thallian said...

your welcome :)