Monday, August 3, 2009

Status update: Lotro with a side of Baldur's gate and a dash of Scrabble

So what have I been doing lately? A little of everything actually. Started playing Lotro with my wife, her sister and my little sister. My wife and her sister are burglars, I am a hobbit warden, and my little sister is a minstrel. Fun times. Also have done a few sessions of Baldur's gate with them in which my wife controls the mad sorceress main character and I and her sister get friend with her fireballs while controlling the Bioware built characters. Why there isnt more strategy and collateral damage and so on in MMO's I have no idea. I think I've concluded theya re jsut scared of trying it. Lastly we've been playing Scrabble a lot with friends.

Forog is not a word, neither is Te. Lux, Ax, Er, and Colby are legit however. That is all.

p.s. I'm also disappointed about DDO's rescheduling, I think it is putting them out of the limelight and into Champion's Online's territory, but oh well. Competition is a good thing anyways, and if the game is higher quality for the delay, and they can afford it, then great.

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