Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to work

Had a fun halloween, tried out Champions... uninstalled it cuz its not as good as City of Heroes, and then ran a dungeon with Anton (Great Barrows) and my little sister. Perfect place to be on Halloween. Here's an update of our game I got a sprite to stand up right and I'm messing with camera control and then I'll do sprite control.

(May as well get to work since it seems Anton is serious about this now, he keeps drawing good art for it anyways and I can't wait to put it to good use)


Anton said...

Me? Serious this time?

Actually, I have about 6 pages of sketches just waiting to be scanned!


This looks fabulous, Thallian!!!

Anton said...

...Hang on...what is that thing? A MUTANT mutant ninja turtle or something?

Thallian said...

I think its supposed to be a Kappa from Japanese mythology. I'm not really sure how to make transparent backgrounds around the sides yet, I'll work on it tonight if I've got time.

Anton said...

I can do the transparent sides for you.

The key is to use .png-24's with transparency, in Photoshop, you would use "Save for web" and select png-24 from the drop-down menu that comes up, and make sure the "Transparency" box is checked.

Of course, the image also has to be drawn with transparent regions in the first place. That image may just have white there, so it would have to be erased.

Without photoshop, there's probably some other way, but why not just email your images to me, hm?

Tesh said...

GIMP can do transparent PNGs, as can Both are free. ;)