Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rhuidia Sketches


Thallian said...

I like the skinnier 'Thallian' but I like the increased detail on the one with big boots in the upper right.

Anonymous said...

I'm liking these!

Question: How are you planning to do the combat movement?
Are you...

1- Researching real combat arts like Kendo, Naginata-do, Fencing, Eskrima, etc.

2- Creating your own.

3- Bit of both.

Anton said...

I would really like to do various fighting styles, but to simplify the workload, I think fighting style will depend on your weapon. So that really means we can only put in one fighting style. Given that, I will probably just make up what looks dramatic to me.

If we thought we could do more, I would include choices, but as it stands, we have discussed having Offensive and Defensive modes for each weapon type, and based on the character's skill level with that weapon, he or she will have more moves to make use of.

The idea will be to wear out their stamina and weaken their stance, then you can make a killing blow much more easily. I'm steering away from hitpoints, but stamina will be a factor. Also, you might be able to deal non-killing blows, that add debuffs of various types.

Thallian said...

@forjador Those are really good ideas. Maybe we should have a "monk class who uses some of that or maybe we should name the different sword styles after real ones. As you may have guessed, one of the benefits of "Indie" development like ours is we have no publisher/VC breathing down our neck demanding results and demanding to launch at some particular time. It's done when we say so. On the other hand, its hard to find time at evenings (and motivation to overcome my gaming instincts) but I do manage from time to time. Once we get the models we'll see if my tune changes. I love writing living story in chat bubbles and making battle arenas and choices and stuff.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the lengthy explanation :)

Anthon, I really like the idea that you have to weaken your oponent's stamina to break his/her guard in search of a killing blow. Have you played Bushido Blade? Old PS game from Square with a very neat combat system. No hitpoints. The style depended not on your character but the weapon you were wielding, also there were 3 stances per weapon: low, medium and high. Each with pros and cons.

Thallian, the combat system is quite an interesting subject. I don't think you necessarily need to name combat styles after real ones, but it will certainly help to reseach real combat arts to adapt them to your own world. There are always going to be similarities between an imaginary culture from an imaginary world and our own. Martial arts reflects many aspects from their respective cultures that not only involve fighting but tradition and philosophy.

Once I read: “The devil might be in the details, but so is the heart of a story” and I couldn’t agree more. Apply that to anything and you can't go wrong. Something as simple as to have a Samurai to wield his katana with the right hand next to the pommel rather than the left hand would put me off :P

In any case I'm sure you two are going to choose the best options for your game :)