Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How to formulate an opinion.

Step 1: Learn about something. Read about it, both from the point of view of the people who love it, and the people who hate it. This applies to video games, critical writing, religion, politics, sports cars, whatever. Or if you are impatient, skip to step 2
Step 2: Interact with said thing. This involves playing the game in our case. It can involve a number of details such as
  1. Use the thing a little bit, and then when you find anything wrong, leave. The thing is obviously worthless and not worth your time.
  2. Use the thing a lot, whether you like it or not. Make mental notes of the things you don't like. If they stack up too high, see step 1. If the positives greatly outweigh the negatives, fall head over heels in love with said thing.
  3. Upon falling in love with said thing, play it for a long long time until you either run out of things to do with it. Then see step 1, and then step 5.
  4. Or upon falling in love with said thing, use it sparingly so that it will not get used up before it can renew itself, vary your efforts on a multitude of things (could be alts or different games in our case). Never fall out of love with it.
  5. After having tossed said thing out the window 6 to 12 months ago, go back, pick up the pieces, tape them together with duct tape, and try to fall in love with said thing again because you miss it so much. (Some succeed, most have a hard time though)
Step 3. Formulate your opinion, you really only have two options here, you can base your opinion on whether you are in love with said thing (subjective) or you can base your opinion on the thing's inherent merits without regard to how much you personally loved it (objective). Most people go with subjective decisions, and since we're often talking about games, who can blame them? Which one has more weight with others though? Its actually hard to say since everyone is different. I personally enjoy hearing everyone's opinions. even ones that go against my own. It keeps things rounded out and gives me a better perspective, even if it doesn't necessarily change my mind all the time.


mbp said...

That all sounds like too much work Thallian. What about

Step 0. Hear the name of something and the name of the developer. Then immediately jump to conclusions based on preconceived notions an personal prejudices.

Step 0.5 Loudly proclaim your opinion all over the interwebs.

Thallian said...

Hey, that's a great idea! (/hand slap to face) lol

Oakstout said...

Very good read.