Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Go Tipa Go!

Pete at Dragonchasers recently placed a link to Tipa's STO Marathon blog posts

Click there if you want to read them. I particularly enjoyed reading about pvp and Klingons. She seems to know here Star Trek really really well. I wonder if I log into this game if I will feel rather left out if I don't know everything there is to know. Or maybe I'll feel kind of geeky. Hmmm. Well my dad and brother like Star Trek and I enjoyed watching the episodes so its can't be that bad. As long as I don't study and learn every last little thing there is to know about it. Then I'll be safe... yeah...

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Anton said...

I feel that another step towards geekdom would be honor upon my head.

I read some of Tipa's posts, and I'm excited about having my own ship's crew. Although I commented there also that I was hoping I could be a crew member on the ship of another PLAYER, rather than having to be a Captain, myself.

Still, if I have the money soon, I will be buying this game :)