Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Good Times in Lotro, Great Barrows, And Lowbie fun

We had a fun run in Lotro on MLK day with me and my wife and my sister in law and little sister, and two friends. We ran the Great Barrows. Good times, good times.

Sunday I played with my wife and sister in law and helped them explore the north downs for the first time. Its kind of neat seeing places for the first time and running with someone who is seeing it for the first time also gives you a different perspective than doing it yourself. This Monday I was sick so we had some more fun. With my friend 'Aelderath' (That's his char's name) and he kinda got hooked on the game after playing his guard with us for the second time. He had to try the newbie intro instance 5 times before Dwalin survived but he was determined to succeed so he did. Then he got hooked on mining in the hills and Metalsmithing. He told me he had no idea that they had something like that in this game. I can't wait to take my sisters and my wife to the second dungeon and the end of book 2.

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