Friday, January 15, 2010

LFG for RL Work

I'm editing this post because I seem to have some prospects now. Thanks to everybody who posted information about job openings!

I'm leaving up some of my drawings:


Laser Effect Test Animation


Cap'n John said...

Penny Arcade is hiring. Yes, the company that produces the comic by the same name starring Tycho & Gabe. They're hiring.

Scroll down the page to Gabe's announcement from Wednesday, Jan. 13th.

Good luck!

Thallian said...

Thanks Cap'n. Btw for anyone that reads this, Anton and I have worked together and he is an honest hardworking person. I can vouch for him.

mbp said...

Sorry to hear you are out of work Anton. You are clearly a very talented artist so I am sure you will find new position soon.

Jayedub said...

I wish you the best of luck Anton!

Bri said...

I heard Bioware is hiring, and 38 Studios might be too.

Good luck!

Thallian said...

A chinese (?not sure?) poster just said "failure is the mother of success". A great quote. They also added some spam links which is why I deleted their comment.

Anton said...

That quote says it all, Thallian!

Oh, and I just got two places interested in me today! I am supposed to get a phone call any time now and then I'll have an interview...Here's hoping it works out!

Thallian said...

Congrats! Best wishes.