Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Title for Next Lotro Content Addition

Book 3's title is here.

Sapience let loose through a contest today that the title is:

"Volume III: Allies of The King
Book I: Oath of The Rangers"

Maybe it involves you mustering or defending Aragorn's Ranger allies. I wonder if the new area is Dunland or perhaps the area immediately south of Lothlorien and the Aragonath...

Here's a link with tons more info and pretty pictures 

(Edit: Nevermind I read the thing and it appears we will be goi ng to the "Northlands" next... a Google search returns this: So maybe we are going back to Eriador for a bit? Though prolly a lvl 65+ area...) Perhaps it is Forodwaith or near there then...

(Double Edit: I take that back, on further examination, Angmar and Forochel ARE the northlands. Obviously this new skirmish in Nurz Ghazu will be part of Volume 3.1. ) I therefore prognosticate that we are not getting a new area this time, we got enough area with Mirkwood to keep us busy I suppose in their minds. That and these new skirmish options, should keep us entertained. I personally hope that we get a new area and dungeons next time.. but more importantly I hope they use the spare time to hire some people to build a PVMP skirmish.

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