Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Chronicles About Spellborn

Well, Tobold and Melmoth have pretty much made up my mind for me, though in all honesty I DID try and download and get the game working but the European version came in two pieces that wouldn't un-rar and I didnt have it in me to sit and try and download it again a different way. Basically it sounds like Spellborn is either too difficult or too much of MOTSC (More of the Same Crap)

Still I hear it has neat, beautiful environments, but someday these companies are gonna wake up and learn that neat environments are made by artists but true fun games are made by people who appreciate fun (and they might be artists too). Don't make an un-fun game. Make it fun and play-test it till it rubs you raw. Make sure the first places are smooth and bugless. Then make sure the later areas are smooth and bugless. Then release it. End of story. Is this so hard?

Add frills and extra stuff and more content a month AFTER its released and the first few inevitable patches come out fixing things you couldnt have anticipated. Content is the enemy. Fun is your friend. Make that game fun first, not big first, then expand from there, with more fun, not just with beautiful spaces. Oh and one more thing. Fun is not doing the same thing all the time. Fun varies itself constantly in subtle ways (or sometimes big ways)

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