Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Map of waterworks

www.thebrasse.com has come up with a number of maps over the years and this ones really nice


it maps the waterworks of Moria, which if you didn't know is where the Watcher lives and a number of other nasty end-game critters and dungeons.

Here is a list of the maps they've created for lotro btw: http://www.thebrasse.com/maps/LOTRO/

some other good ones being the great barrows, garth agarwen, and goblin town


mbp said...

Thanks for this link Thallian. I thought The Brasse had gone into Lotro retirement. I am delighted to see not as they make beautiful maps, works of art really.

Thallian said...

Don't they? I vote we send them a plate of cookies or something. If they post an address on here I'll do it!

Thallian said...

Oh my goodness, they just put yet another map this time of lothlorien. Here: http://www.thebrasse.com/lotromap/75