Friday, March 6, 2009

New Player Experience, my Two Bits

There that link is just so you know what this is about. So I am kinda mostly very excited about the fact that they are revamping the beginning of the game to be less of a fun sponge and more like a story that you play through without lots of running back and forth and crap. I also like that they have changed the exp curve of the game and added improvements to all of Ered Luin and Bree land, Its fine that they didn't touch the shire other than making you walk faster when you are carrying pies and mail, good changes all around. I have a little sad spot in my heart because I have already tried to get so many friends to play this game and only the ones who get past the newbie drudgery to the first few books adn dungeons really stick around. I am happy because whne I play this with my fiancee it will be from the beginning and it will be after book 7 has come out so I'll have new stuff to see as well as her, to whom it is all new.


Anonymous said...

I am excited about the XP changes in Book 7, mostly because I have just recently rolled a Rune Keeper and don't want getting to 60 to be a chore. "bestest buddy" since 1st grade (that's 34 years for those wondering) has just reactivated his account so we can level together. Good times.

Thallian said...

awesome :)