Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mega levels and IE8 mess to deal with

Ok so good news it my kin finally started raiding a couple weeks ago and this week I led them through to Zurm for the first time. (Yes I know the rift was added ages ago and you who have been playing Lotro already know it back to front, but my kin is new to it so there)
Anyways we got cleaned out by the first troll and keeper adds on Zurm the first time, the secone time we lost a couple people who werent paying attention but did pretty well until the second pull and then lost too many people and had a long fight against the mobs but we beat them (amazingly and barely) Still it was a victory that was shorlived as Zurm at 1/3 health summons and EVEN BIGGER force to swat you down. Therefore you have to have more intelligence and less bad behavior in your kin/raid and people need to survive until the last pull adn get rid of pale folk fast so that you can survive it and beat the boss. Nevertheless it was exciting and fun to be learning this on our own instead of under someone's boot. (I.E. working with another kin who knew the ropes)

I also levelled.. a lot, due to exp curve changes in book 7. Other than that I haven't noticed any differences though I'm sure I will.
In other news, at work I have to deal with the following headaches: IE8 launched today, and it will "solve" many things by making things standards complaint which is good in the long term and very headachy for web developers in the shrot term. Here is someone who alreayd explained it better:

And here is a list of websites you will have to run in "compliance" mode to run properly


Pete said...

What about the quest tracker? I kinda like that (but it is Off be default, you have to enable it under UI Options).

Congrats on starting to raid!

Thallian said...

thanks Pete, and yeah you're right but I haven't enabled it yet. Maybe I should do that with one of my comps :P just to try it, though I might like it too much and start relying on it. Then it takes the fun away IMO

Anton said...

That list has about every website on it that I've ever visited.